Abd Al Rahman Al-Alyan Mr Al Alyan was born in Britain on July 7,1978 and has served as the Editor-In-Chief of Kuwait Times newspaper since 2008. Mr Al Alyan completed his studies in the UK, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication from London University. He has studied journalism his entire life, working as an intern during his high school years with Kuwait Times and writing as a correspondent intern during his studies in the UK. He took over the role of Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Kuwait Times in 2003 upon returning to Kuwait and oversaw the newspaper’s modernization drive, including a full redesign of the broadsheet, the creation and launch of Friday Times, the first tabloid ever in Kuwait, and the development of online and social media platforms. As Editor-in-Chief, he is responsible for the strategic planning and development of Kuwait Times and is a prominent media figure in Kuwait. He regularly attends prominent diwaniyas, sessions of parliament and meetings with senior government officials. Mr Al Alyan has also traveled extensively throughout the region in his capacity as Editor-in-Chief, developing Kuwait’s relationships with other media across the Arab/Muslim world as well as countries outside the region including China, Russia and Taiwan.