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About Us

About the Association
Ministry of social affairs and labor published the establishment of Journalists association in Kuwait City for unlimited period and it was registered in the Ministry under No.(27) Clubs & public benefits Societies. and that was for achieving the following aims:-

1-Strengthen ties of friendship between different members of association and other members in Kuwait and Arab Countries.
2-Rising with local journalism to be the honest face of Kuwait especially and Arabian home generally
3- Defense the rights of members and facilitate ways for doing their Journalism duties in the best way according to the public aims Establishment date: 21/6/1964
Establishers are :-

Miss\Ghanima Fahd Al-Marzouk
Mr\Abdul Aziz Al Masaeed
Mr\Khaled Al Easa
Mr\Ghanem Yousef Al Shaheen
Mr\Yousef Saleh Al Elian
Mr\Baker Ali Khoraibet
Mr\Soliman Al Haddad
Mr\Jasem Moubark
Mr\Abdul Aziz Al Felaij
Mr\Yousef Abdul Aziz Al Masaeed

The Management Council Consists of Seven members they are being chosen through election every two years, the financial year begins from first of January and ends in 31 of December - the general association held a meeting twice annually. by this publish the association acquired the consideration personality from that day. gggg

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